Netmon creds not working

I get creds.
but it is not working on login page.
any hint.


  • figure out the logic of the user


  • How old is the file where you found those creds?

  • Type your comment> @peek said:

    figure out the logic of the user

    thx I got your point thx for the help bro.

  • Hello,

    I think i have the same problem, i used medusa to crack the creds and i got it but it doesn't work on login page, but i don't see what 'the logic of the user' means :/

    Any hints please ?

  • They might be outdated..

  • The comment that helped me a lot was "What year is now"? Think I read it on a R***** forum...

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  • I mean i didn't find these creds with a file but with medusa i cracked it, it's weird because medusa found the correct password but i when i try to login on the web interface it doesn't work

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    Oh ok nvm i got it, it's weird because it was not the same creds than in medusa, it said success , so medusa got the wrong password , thx for the hint !

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