Bastard CMD issue

can anyone help me to complete Bastard Machine,
i followed tutorial IPPSEC and many other one to just run CMD but it failed,
so can anyone just give me a push to complete it?



  • Hey, did you figure it out? I have the machine in the browser but cannot get an nc shell?? any ideas ?

  • Even I have the same issue !!!! no exe is running !!!

    Hack The Box

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    PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /root/Documents/Bastard/41564.php:268
    Stack trace:

    0 /Bastard/41564.php(118): Browser->post('application/vnd...', 'a:2:{s:8:"usern...')


    thrown in /Bastard/41564.php on line 268

    can any give me solution for this

  • have you try to install curl-php?
    This library is required to execute this exploit


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