Download .ovpn file via wget?

Hello! So I'm attempting to avoid installing a GUI on the Kali box I'm using, but am running into issues downloading the openvpn file to get connected. Have any of you guys done HTB from a plain terminal box before? How did you get the file downloaded and working? Is it a viable option? I'm still getting familiar with using JUST a Linux terminal, so if I've missed something simple I won't be excessively surprised. Any advice? Thanks!


  • Hey man, as far as I am aware, the connection file is unique to each user. With that said, you would have to retrieve it specifically from the access page using a web browser. If needed, you can just get another computer and transfer it over.

    Also, a thing to consider is that a lot if not all of the boxes on here usually have a web server to look at. Now you can go full hero and wget yourself into oblivion, but that's just making it difficult and tedious for no reason.

  • To add to the above you will also need to use Burp A LOT! and AFAIK it only has limited command line support. Also don't discount how useful a file browser can be when enumerating shares i.e. ftp, smb. It's good to know how to do this from the CLI but smbclient's syntax can be very annoying. As @austincoats said, there is no reason to make it difficult and tedious for no reason..

    As to your original question I'm afraid I never tried! However I imagine you would need to manually make the request with all the necessary post data and responses which could get complicated. Maybe you could script it with python requests but even then a tool like Burp would be very helpful in crafting those requests.

    Anyway, sorry to ramble and I hope someone with more knowledge can help you out :)
  • Yeah, it's unique to each user. I just figured I'd see if anyone else had done it or if it was really worth the hassle. :)

    I've got a Kali vm local that I use on the regular, so this was more of a for-science experiment to see if running a GUI-less box out of AWS would even be feasible. Looks like avoiding the GUI is probably more hassle than it's worth, though. Thanks, guys!

  • just had a small look and seems curl will be on the harder side of things unless you run the session from the start so login with curl. so for intrests sake i think the easy was is with something like phanomJS can build a config file of sorts username password script the login and clicking access and then clicking download connection pack i pretty much just rebuilt the request and well i get a nice warning stop fooling around XSRF detected ohhh

  • how do you write in the forum from a terminal ?


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    @peek wrote

    how do you write in the forum from a terminal ?

    "Despite its text-only nature and age, it can still be used to effectively browse much of the modern web, including performing interactive tasks such as editing Wikipedia."

    anyone? Try submitting a post, for science.


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