Am I ready?

Hello guys,

I want to start pro labs, I am new here and did just a few machines to prepare my OSCP last summer. I get my certification last september, do think that i have the prerequisite to do RastaLabs or offshore lab?

Which steps should I do first?

Thank you


  • I'm currently working on Offshore. Honestly I think its pretty hard. I'm still working on getting access past the DMZ and only managed to get the first flag after 2 days. But I've already learned new things I can apply to a real situation.

  • Good for you :)

    Did you get OSCP? Just to know if it can help me or no

  • Just my opinion but I don't think this lab will help you take OSCP.
    I've done OSCP.

  • @bobthebuilder what challenges will be good for OSCP?

    If at first you don't succeed, google the error message

  • @3therk1ll the actives machines and retired are good for OSCP, personally i just did 2 actives and 2 retried and finished the OSCP lab without problem.

    @bobthebuilder i just asked you for the OSCP to know if it's usefull for the offshore and rastalabs, not the reverse way lol. I have my OSCP and want to improve skills.

    So what could I do to prepare offshore and rastalabs?

  • Awesome, cheers dude

    If at first you don't succeed, google the error message

  • @kikos do more Windows machines and at least 1-2 hard machines. then it's easy for you in Offshore or Rastalabs.


  • @sesha569 , thank you so much, that was the aswering that i was waiting for before starting. Thanks!

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