Connection to machines consistently dropping?

I am new to HtB and am having troubles staying connected to any machine. I was curious if it was an issue with a specific machine so I let a ping run on 3 machines at once and every few minutes my connection from all boxes drops for approximately 5 minutes and then comes back up a few minutes after that. This is extremely frustrating and I can't really do much while this is happening. If anyone has any ideas on how to resolve this I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Note on things I've already tried and haven't worked:
1) switched openvpn to tcp
2) edited /etc/resolv.conf to include "nameserver"
3) regenerated my key and rebooted my connection to openvpn

Also, I am a free user and am only trying to connect to active boxes.


  • I am a VIP user and I had the same problem last night at around 11 pm est


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