Thought of posting if CRT certification was a good one to choose for penetration testers. Waiting for a discussion on this


  • Im currently studying for the CRT, you need the CPSA before you can go for the CRT. Or there is the OSCP equivalency route, if you hold OSCP you can pay to get the CRT.

  • Nope I don't have OSCP I am taking the CPSA route. Can you guide me on what all I should prepare for the CPSA exam.

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    Was thinking of getting it but you got to redo the exam every three years it seems... Not really what I would want to do. If you got the OSCP, you still got to pass the CPSA...

  • If your UK based, OSCP will never be as worth while as going full Check route. be it via Crest, Tiger or cyber-scheme.

  • " CRT equivalency will be granted where the candidate has taken and passed the OSCP certification within three (3) years of the date that they apply to CREST for registration."

    Dammit. Was hoping for a quick upgrade to something more relevant to the UK but I got mine 6 years ago :(

  • Is there any certificate that is accepted worldwide

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    In UK bare in mind if u want to CHECK team member status you will need to go CPSA + CRT with SC clearance . You can do tiger but crest is better imo. Oscp is great to do and worth the struggle.
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