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Hello HTB.
I'm interested in taking Penetration Testing Student course from eLearnSecurity. Since my fundamentals are rather weak and I'm a beginner, I want to get a course. Heard that it's a budget option, but still opinions are rather positive. Is there anyone that got it and can tell a few words about it? Thank you.



  • I haven't finished it yet (been working through other stuff at work) but so far I'd say it's a really solid intro cert. I've heard from others it's a good starter option before going OSCP, but I haven't tried OSCP (yet) so I can't verify that :P

  • I wouldn't recommend taking PTS ,its quite basic about pthon and C and HTTP basic.if you want to go deeper web.I strongly recommend to take WPT.

    The best way to learn is by doing.If you go to work on your goals

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    Was just reading reviews and looking at the different certs they offer and definitely thinking about signing up here soon.. probably eJPT. Reviews are mostly positive and prices are very fair
  • I wanna bump this to see if anyone here hold one of their certs and if it's been beneficial?
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    I did the eCPPT that is the professional one, is very good, almost at the level of OSCP, I usually recommend ONLY two certs and always first eCPPT from elearnsecurity, is all practical and the test is practical 100%, but they still allow for help so there is a bit of hand taking, then the OSCP that is the same with out any kind of hand taking... those both are the BEST certs out there at this moment. everything else is theory/TEST Bullshit. so eCPPT then OSCP with tons and tons of ours of self work and competitive CTF's team vs team.


  • Awesome! Thanks for that information! From what I had read elsewhere it seemed like a good path to take, starting with elearnsecurity then was thinking about giving myself another year of experience before OSCP!
  • This article highlights the nine ‘major certs’ , though it's from 2017. Also interesting is the missing certs list like e.g. the CISM:
    How would you guys see the CEH in relation to the other ones mentioned in this article also considering the exam costs (CEH VUE Exam Voucher currently at $1,199.00)?


  • I already took the CompTIA Security+ and it didn't helped my at all.
    There's only questions and no hands on. In theory, I'm not bad, but if it comes to real "pentesting" I'm lost due to missing experience. For CEH it's exactly the same. It's only 125 Questions in 4hours and you're done. No hands on at all. OK, there's now a new CEH (practical), maybe this is better. But from my point of view, it's more important to have hands on knowledge than theory.
    I really think about taking the eCPPT to get more hands on. Maybe this will help me as well here, because I'm stuck most of the time as you could see in my stats... :-(


  • Okay, thank you for all your responses. eCPPT is actually good cert and many specialist from LinkedIn got it (at least that's what I saw) and recommend it, but I'm asking if eJPT is worth a shot. Since I want to get into pentests, would it help me? I've got sysadmin background.


  • As I saw your post here, I was also checking out the eJPT and I think I'll take that one first and then go on to the eCPPT.
    I also got sysadmin background. Like this, I could fill the gaps.
    Have you seen, there's a discount until end of august for the eJPT.


  • I see that you need an invite to get some courses at eLearnSecurity. Feel free to invite me, as I would love to learn more :D


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    @Fluxx79 said:
    As I saw your post here, I was also checking out the eJPT and I think I'll take that one first and then go on to the eCPPT.
    I also got sysadmin background. Like this, I could fill the gaps.
    Have you seen, there's a discount until end of august for the eJPT.

    Yeah, there's a discount for this course (a huge one) and this led me to take interest in it (Elite one for $400).


  • I have the course and it's really-really basic. If you are on HTB, you are probably too skilled for it. If you don't trust your skills yet, go for eCPPT, but if you know your way around HTB, go straight for OSCP.

  • Razzty, I purchased the course. Hell, I'm happy that I first took the PTS. Because I have no C++ and Python Skills. And there's a section about both.


  • I just passed my eJPT exam. :-)
    I liked this course a lot and could learn some more.


  • Congrats @Fluxx79 ! Does they really "take by a hand" through course and exam? What's your opinion on that?


  • Earlier this year I looked into Elearn and they had an awesome offer with a big bundle of courses and exams for about $9,000. It was a massive saving over buying every individual course.

    Unfortunately, at the time I couldn't afford it and now it seems to have been discontinued.




    Happy to help people but PLEASE explain your problem in as much detail as possible! If you say vague things like "It's not working", I cant help. This isn't Twitter so my DMs are always open.

  • > @Fluxx79 said:
    > I just passed my eJPT exam. :-)
    > I liked this course a lot and could learn some more.

    Congratulations! What is your opinion on it?
  • @Razzty and @3s073r1k
    Thank you guys.

    From my experience, I haven't been tooked by the hand at all. Ok, I haven't asked for.
    There's a forum where you can ask but I figured out, that there aren't that many people replying to your questions or with an enormous delay.

    About the course itself.
    The course contains Labs (for most of the modules) which are accessible during a predefined time. Depending on the package you buy. I bought the ELITE Module and needed only 12 of 60 hours.

    For every module, there are a ton of slides which teach you the basics of the module.

    Almost every module contains a video which helped me the most. I'm more the visual guy.

    There are also 2 modules for Python and C++. But they are not tested in the exam.
    I didn't finished these 2 modules because I found it pretty confusing and that's why I decided to take an Udemy course on python.

    The exam is very nice. I can't tell you much but it's really hands on and if you follow all the modules of this course it's easy to pass the exam. And it's really HANDS-ON. Not theory bullshit. You have know what you're doing instead of multible question bullshit like I had to do in Security+.
    I did the exam in 5.5hours and passed it with 17/20 Questions (85%).
    Sadly, they don't tell you which questions were wrong.

    I will go on with the eCPPT but before I have to take the MCSA Server 2016.


  • Hello guys - update on this thread, since I did eJPT today.
    About course - since you guys probably done some machines on HTB, you could say that course is too basic for you. Yet, I found holes in my knowledge and labs with courses helped me a lot to understand, what actually I'm doing. I didn't use forum, so I can't say much about it, but there are some people there spoiling exam, so don't try to peak there, if you want to do it alone!
    I'm not so smart guy with pentesting, so exam took me 4 hours. Passed with score 16/20 (80%), so I barely got pass it.

    I bought Elite plan, because I like to have cushion, while I'm having problems with course or don't have much time. But I see that I could buy Full version. Barely used 5 hours of LABs, but I hope they won't be deleted in a year or so, when I try to do WAPT or eCPPT.

    Is it worth it? Yeah, if you don't feel too confident. It's a great course, that used simplified examples and metaphors to let you understand whole subject.


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