Manage vault

How to change or reset the secret to the vault.



  • Also need to reset the Vault.

  • I forgot my pass vault how can reset it


  • Any news I need to reset it

  • wtf is the vault?


  • @delo said:
    wtf is the vault?

    What is Vault?
    Vault adds an additional layer of security for personal data.

    When personal data need to be stored on our systems, we store it to the Vault.

    In order to access the data, you need to unlock your vault by submitting your secret. After the vault is unlocked, an access token is stored as a cookie in your browser. The data is decrypted using this cookie and displayed to you.

    Tokens have a max lifetime of 30 days.

  • Hi there, does someone know how to reset the personal vault secret key?


  • Please Someone tell how to reset the vault

  • Sorry for bumping this . Does anyone know?

  • bump again same boat


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    Warning: Save your secret somewhere safe.
    We will not be able to recover it for you.
    Resetting requires contacting support and can take days.
  • If you need to reset your vault password, please raise a support ticket via, and we'll sort you out :)

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