Blackhat / DefCON

Sooo who's going??? How about a piss up.. sorry, I mean a social gathering of like minded people. :) I be there.. I am flying in from the UK. :)


  • I am :3 . some people on the nsf mattermost chat were also talking about going

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  • @onlyamedic .. cool, I was going to mention in on mattermost.. put sadly, i can access it at work, didn't want to put a post up then miss it all LOL.

  • @WickedClownUK I will be attending BSides LV and DEF CON. I am speaking at BSides and will be competing in the Social Engineering Capture the Flag (SECTF) on Saturday.

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  • Me and some of my coworkers on my HTB team will be attending DEF CON.

  • I'm going to BlackHat and DEF CON!!

  • ill be at both


  • im game for a meetup, ill be there for both as well

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