• Finally rooted this little demon! One of the most exasperating boxes I've done till the moment >.<

    I'm open to PMs if you get stucked (only specific questions!)

  • FINALLY ROOT this box.

    First of all, I have to thank everybody that helps me in PM
    nofunofunofun (é nois BR, caceta!! XD - HueHue)

    I could'nt finish this one without you guys! (Sorry, dont know if is possible tag you guys here, so I'll thank you in PM)

    And second, but absolutely not least important, I have to thank all the posts before mine, I read them two times! :) And in their own way they teach me a lot too.

    For those ones who are stuck on this machine (today is 10/25/2018, and I think this machine will get retired soon) I'll be open FOREVER (till retired XD) to help you guys, because this machine really have his particularities!

    And believe me, it dont need to be reseted the amount of times we do!! hahahah

    Thanks mrb3n for the machine!!

  • Hi, i got the user.txt from merlin desktop but saying wrong hash when i submit it can someone pm me so we can compare some caracter of the flag


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    Little confused on the enumeration point....not sure if I'm using the correct extension and if i'm enumerating the correct path. Some Q&A privately would be awesome. Please private message me.

    Okay disregard that...figured that part out, now to see if I can upload the right file.

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    Finally got It but no points :(

  • @Joss said:
    Finally got It but no points :(

    Yeah this Box just got retired about an hour ago. always check it shows what is about to be retired for the new box to come live

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    Check the syntax of the payloads from 0***dom and S***sh carefully, esp. since they need to be modified to suit. I was having difficulty with the payload only to find out a "w" should've been a "t" which caused several days of self-inflicted pain.
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