Hint for Fighter



  • I am stuck on privilege escalation :-S It worked once but not anymore. Is the PE exploit still somethingsomething.sys?
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    holy... took me too long to find the members site...

  • any hint to get old members site by pm please? I have configured st.... in my etc_hos....., so i call street.... as hostn... but it is the same, it is not changing the things....

  • and me hint to get old members site, please

  • Can someone PM me a hint for "old" site. I think I have something but not sure

  • trying to inject something to the infamous login, some parameter from ver..... gives 500 error. am i on the right track? please help or hint by pm.. the fighter is very hard.

  • hey guys, i identify the injection point at members login, so, the right path now is get a reverse shell... or it is a rabbit hole and i need to find credentials for login first?

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