Looking for an ACTIVE team to join

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I recently returned from a few month break from HTB and I am looking for a team of active members to join. Have OSCP,CEH,CASP, CSA+, Sec+ and actual pentesting experience (if any of that matters to you). DM me on here if you have any available slots.



  • Could always start a new team and start recruiting

    Hack The Box
    OSCP - www.bulbafett.com

  • Damn if you recruiting sign me up!!

  • I would like to join Rank: Hacker ~20 Users ~18 root

  • Looks I'll be doing some recruiting when I get home from work today haha


  • I sent you both invites


  • Is this Team recruitment still open if open for recruiting sign me up. I would be an active member of the team. :)


  • Hi, I'm still learning (very new to pen testing) and active. I would like to join a team!


  • I've sent you a PM. Thx

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    Hi. I would like to be in your team. Thanks


  • Hi, me too. I'm new but still learning every days

  • Hi, I would like to be part of the team. I am new to the subject and learning. If it's still there i would really like to participate actively

  • Sorry guys, the team is now closed. Also, please do not message me about help with the OSCP. I will not respond to any messages asking for help with it.


  • Whats the benefit of a team?
  • Well the benefit for some is to have a couple of people to work with or bounce ideas off of. But for others on here, its apparently to ask me for assitance with passing the OSCP....


  • Change your avatar then! Nobody asks me about a dirty cow! Sounds nice! Should join one too! Would you invite me and tell me stuff about oscp? ;)
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    Lol its not my avatar, its that I listed some of my certs earlier on in this post and some apparently saw it as an opportunity to glean info from me.


  • @lowpriv maybe you can pass the exam for them ;-)

  • I too would be interested in joining a group that discusses and pushes each other to learn more. I'm not looking at completing the OSCP, just interested in learning more and a safe place to ask "noob" questions.

  • @dmcxblue said:
    Damn if you recruiting sign me up!!

    Me too!


  • @dmcxblue said:
    Damn if you recruiting sign me up!!


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