Pentest Documentation Tool


what is your favorite tool for documenting pentest engagements and HTB machines' write-ups. Also for keeping your personal notes.

I use KeepNote but i am looking for alternatives


  • Draidis is good

    Hack The Box

  • cherrytree

    Hack The Box
    OSCP -

  • I go the folder structure route. I use multiple kali vm's for different purposes. Each has the root user's home managed by git that I push to my server. For htb, I use a folder for each box. Notes are in a file. Scripts, command output, and loot are stored in the directory. I also use script a lot when getting shell on boxes so it logs my tty session to a file in the box's directory. And I use scrot bound to keyboard shortcuts auto grab screenshots and put them in the right folder.

    I like this setup because it helps to quickly sync vms between my workstation and my laptop, or kill off a vm instance and bring up a fresh new one, and backups are included in everyday normal operation.

  • I use Cherrytree as well.

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