How many ranks are there?

Hello .. i ma new here. i would like to know about the rank types. I saw job posting have message saying "minimum rank".


  • You can check in points breakdown link in profile. There are 7 ranks depending on completion of active machines and challenges:
    Noob >= 0%
    Script Kiddie > 5%
    Hacker > 20%
    Pro Hacker > 45%
    Elite Hacker > 70%
    Guru > 90%
    Omniscient = 100%


  • what about moderator?

  • guru sounds just so weird lol, elite hacker sounds much cooler than guru. My personal opinion hehe

    I'm a brave warrior of the sea and I have 8000 followers!

  • Guru sounds like you teach yoga from some remote Indian location high in the mountains.

    Hack The Box

  • I think "Wizard" would be a better term for Guru ;)

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