Unified Challange

Hi everyone,
i think Unified Cipher and i display text charset and i see utf-8 and then i try different charset for this text but i dont display ���� character.
there is nothing in mind about this challenge

HinT PlEaSe!!!


  • use some famous web application analysis tool :smile:

    Hack The Box

  • edited March 2018

    Try Burp Suite Decoder :)

    Everything is possible, every road is a possibility.

  • i solved it thanks everyone:)))

  • Hello, after a long break Burp Suite Decoder doesn't work is there anyone who is still working on this?

  • so far this is def the easiest challenge ive seen on HTB, don't overthink this at all : ) big hint in one of these comments.

    Hack The Box

  • Hi guys, I have completed the challenge like 6 months ago. But I don't remember which method I use to decode this challenge. I don't want to spoil others but right now I'm unable to reverse it up. can anyone give a hint or pm me to find it.

  • If i remember correctly i used Burp's smart decode and got the message!

  • when it comes to charset everything is sensitive, don't copy the text straight from the terminal ...

  • thanks for the hint guys!! solve it!

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