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Official discussion thread for Pikaboo. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.


  • Soooo anyone have an idea ?
    I pretty must exhausted every idea I had

  • Woah! User is way easier for a hard machine

  • ok i definitely learned some stuff here.
    but oddly , a lifetime ago i wrote scripts in a particular language to manipulate files of a particular format.
    so i knew i would be able to get root sooner or later and i did.
    What a fun pita.
    Thanks @pwnmeow and @polarbearer
    im afraid to write hints here but i might be able to DM something helpful in specific cases.

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    Anyone can give pointers for PrivEsc?

  • Need Hint in Privileges Escalation

  • For Privesc, linpeas should give you two places to check to start with.

    Hack The Box

  • Rooted!
    If you need a hint, PM me.
  • Rooted!
    PM me for some help!

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    Rooted! Not a hard one at all, at least not the foothole. DM if you get stuck.

    Hack The Box

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