Da Vinci

i got all the needed things from the images but why the video and what is pwd for the monalisa zip file



  • the video is the hint for the password


  • i tried the video title but still nothing


  • you have to try words, not so much in fact... Obvious word.
    Don't want to spoil good kuck


  • i am not able to extract the mona.jpg file what to do someone a nudge would be nice


  • Issue with extracting mona.jpg. Says invalid compressed data to inflate .


  • I got the pass for the first picture, got a key that i encrypted. But it does not work for pic2 any clues?


  • be root


  • I am running it as root :/


  • So I got the flag ... but I have no idea what Mr Hanks had to do with it.

  • He was in a film called the da Vinci code, which is based on a book
  • I have Mona.jpg. Not sure where to go from there. Any other steps there? Anyone can give me a clue?

  • holy, that was pain, i missclicked last key... and stuck so hard.....

  • @MrStfnz said:
    I have Mona.jpg. Not sure where to go from there. Any other steps there? Anyone can give me a clue?

    try to same step to do Mona.jpg > you can find flag


  • completed this challenge if need any help feel free to pm :) :)

  • Hey, anyone who can assist with giving me a clue on extracing the Mona file from the zip??

  • Managed, shoot was thinking too hard

  • pm me if you need any help


  • This was a great challenge, @nickvourd.

    PM me if you need a hint.

  • I'm stuck. I found Mona.jpg but nothing more...
    Pls some clue

  • edited March 2019


  • That took some steps more than I expected :sweat_smile:

    But, hey, it's done.

    Happy to help if anyone needs a hint

  • Solved :) Fun challenge. Having read through these forum pages, I was able to get it within a short amount of time. Yet I don't understand what's up with the trap I fell into at the very end. And that was what actually cost me the most time.

  • Boom Solved (For those asking what on earth the Vid is all about, there is an important answer there. Keep looking! This was a blast!

  • I am probably missing something, but I can't seem to get anything useful out of the Mona.jpg. Can someone give me a hint on tooling to use?

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