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  • @3mrgnc3 said:
    just DM me if you want in
    we are


    Can I still join in your team? Always active :)


  • Just started a new UK based team and looking for active serious members.


  • I'm active 2-5 days per week, taking the OSCP exam next month and will be available after the exam.

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    My team is open to members, the other users are somewhat of beginners but all dedicated to learning and working towards OSCP
    the team is

  • DM me if interested

  • @jugulaire said:
    I'm looking for a team too. I'm from France for people who are interested :)

    DM moi @jugulaire

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    I am also interested in joinng hands to go hand in hand in this blind path: PM me Mates

  • This is inspiring. I love to see people coming together for a common purpose. In the spirit of that, I guess my team could use a few extra people. We're Poseidon6, feel free to reach out to me or im4x5yn74x.

    However, for the record, you guys don't need to join a team to collaborate. People do it all day everyday. Just join the slack and communicate with like-minded people. You'll find someone to work and research with, regardless of your team membership. #WeAreOne #WeAreAnonymous #HackthePlanet

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  • Do I need VIP to join a team? If not I'm looking a team I could join, note that I'm a noob that needs help.


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  • I'm still a beginner but I'd really like to be be more involved with a team and grow together

  • If anyome is from Canada.... join TeamCanada !

    Woo! I'm the only member so far :-)
  • Actively looking for a team, I am not NSA level by any means but I am good at steganography and am studying for Pentest+ or EJPT at the moment. Located in the USA and can speak some Chinese. Really just looking to make friends and learn some more about web app pen testing :)


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    I am looking to join a team. I did the PWK course and I taking the OSCP end of the month.
    I am active 2-3 days a week... PM if there is a team taking noobs

  • If anyone is looking for team mates from Australia please let me know.

  • Hey! I'm also looking for a team. I'm still quite n00b, but I'm active 3-4 hours everyday. Open to PMs!

  • I am looking for a team too.

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  • I Also Have Team
    Assassin s
    If anyone want
  • Hi, I would love to join a team. Btw what does intern for someone mean? I would love to try that too. I'm active everyday as I'm doing everything I can to learn before I enroll for PWK. Kindly send me a PM

    Have: Sec+ | eJPT | eWPT
    Goal: OSCP

  • i would like to join

  • ✋ checking in, also here to learn
  • if anybody has a team and is taking a noob please dm me i'm very active and here to learn :)

    Hack The Box

  • Would love to join, I have CEH & OSCP and working on OSCE :)



  • i also would like to join a team, i use HTB to learn and i'm active :)

    Hack The Box

  • I also want to join a team. If you want make contact please pm.

  • Interested. :-)
    Speaking english and german.
    Actually working on this machines and oscp-labs.

  • Hi guys, I would love to join a team here. I'm french but also speak english. I'm very active and thinking about taking OSCP. Feel free to PM :)

  • Hi all, looking for a team to join.
    Would be happy to discuss and learn new things.


  • Hi, I would like to set up a new team in order to collaborate, discuss and learn from each other when targeting the HtB boxes.

    If anyone would like to join, PM me and I will send an invite. The team name is r00tclub.

  • Hey, i am looking for a team


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