Starting Point : ARCHETYPE (Just starting out)

Hi guys !!
I have just recently started hack the box , and i am trying to learn the concepts as i go along .
Going through the walkthrough for the machine ARCHETYPE , it said that we needed to type the command IS_SRVROLEMEMBER ,
Searching on google for a while i found that it was a T-SQL command but nothing indicated that it was a common command used .
My question is how would i know to use these types of uncommon commands in upcoming machines if i dont even know that they exist.
Should i just learn T-SQL before going on further ?


  • I also encountered that problem and I do not think that the archetype machine is that easy of a box to get past. I guess we just have to learn that we need a really broad knowledge about everything we get across.

  • yeah seems like it

  • I wondered the same, after some Google'ing I found this:

    IS_SRVROLEMEMBER (Transact-SQL) indicates whether a SQL Server login is a member of the specified server role.

    I figure that a good understanding of SQL, TSQL & general Database administration is needed to "know" that this is the right command to use.

    And for those that don't "know"... we use Google lol

    (For example; if you search "How do I identify all super users in SQL Server?"
    IS_SRVROLEMEMBER is mentioned a lot!!)

    Hope this helps??

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    tysm , it makes sense now ..... logically our first task has to be , to identify the users current privilege level.

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