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Official discussion thread for Unobtainium. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.


  • seems everything works fine

  • My first hard box and I'm already stuck at foothold lol

    Any nudges would be appreciated
  • got user. working towards root now. its fuckin hard. lol

  • Are we supposed to install a downloaded package?

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  • xtkxtk
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    extraction is good enough


  • first hard box, got user after 24h brainf*** :-D let's see how long I need for root
    I've learned a lot so far, very funny :)

    for hint, pm me

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    do i need to escape d***ker to get root here???

    for me. this box is not hard. it is insane as fuck!

  • I gotta say, weird but interesting box, if anyone wanna help me with nudges pm me here or dm me on discord SuPerCoW#8100

  • Finally got root, very nice box !
    Pm me for hints

  • Got root. It truly was a learning experience. If you need any hints you can pm on Discord: Lich#8715

    Hack The Box

  • Hello can anyone help me. I found another IP address after getting foothold, in K***** P** on d** namespace. How to enumerate it. Please help me. Sorry for my bad english.

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  • Rooted.

    user for me is easy. but getting on root is such a pain in the ass.

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    Trying to bruteforce files other than t**o.txt -- I have found the u***** endpoint and creds but not sure what to do from here

    Hack The Box

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    foothold was definitely hard, but now trying to understand the escape. Does anyone have the documentation they can refer me to?

    Edit - figured it out.

  • Fun box and great experience... Thanks @felamos
    Much thanks to @0xLich and @godylockz


    Happy to assist and 'Respect' is always appreciated
  • Really fun box which taught me a lot, thanks @felamos.
    Thanks also @sicario1337 for keeping me on track.

    PM if you need a nudge.

  • I got root after a long journey.
    Mega thanks to following friends:
    @xtk and @mcdave2k1

    They helped me to solve the very hard box.

  • FInally rooted one of the most challenging box so far.
    User is quite straightforward, everything is in front of your unobtainium app :smile:
    For root, you have to be familiar with containers, so thanks to tahaa and dionysus for bringing me to the right road.

    Hack The Box
    Click here for HTB Profile: You are welcome to contact me for a nudge, but if I help you, please consider giving respect.

  • I've just started on this box, having fun already :) Did anyone else notice that the favicon resembles the one used by the Dutch newspaper "de Volkskrant", or is it just me? (


  • This was really well done for sure! Lots of fun.

  • Type your comment> @CounterSu said:

    I've just started on this box, having fun already :) Did anyone else notice that the favicon resembles the one used by the Dutch newspaper "de Volkskrant", or is it just me? (

    Got user! Took me a long time since there was a lot of new stuff to learn; the box employs some techniques I didn't know - but do know now. Great experience so far!


  • Great box, the foothold especially was really cool. The different tools I used and ideas I had to follow through were very exciting and just that was already a lot because I learnt quite a lot of new stuff.
    The root part had me very confused and I really wasn't sure what I was doing until the end. Even after that, I plan on doing that box a few more times to carefully take notes along the way because I still feel like in the middle of the smog.
    Overall, really cool box, and I really loved the foothold :) Thanks @felamos


  • Very very interesting box, good job to @felamos for something different. The foothold was quite convoluted for me, as I am not familiar with the language, but the root part instead was fairly smooth and quick, but very real-word like!

  • Finally rooted this box!

    Thanks @felamos, I had a great learning experience both with user and root. The great thing about this box is that it forced me to research new techniques and methods - and exploiting them. What a ride.
    Respect towards @sudneo. Could NOT have done it without his help and advice!!

    Some hints:
    User: Everything you need is in the app. There is more than one way to reverse and use it.
    Root: Once you figure out how the container is managed, follow the yellow brick road. Enumerate and research. This quite a new path so resources might be limited. Be persistent!


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