Issues Accessing IP Addresses / Router / SSH in Browser

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I have a problem where both my PC and virtual linux machines will not load an IP address in browser. I am using Firefox and Firefox ESR. BUT..on rooted Android and Mac on the same network, IP addresses load immediately.

This is causing a lot of problems for me as I am trying to run BurpSuite (working), but cannot run on IP's associated with VPN for challenges. VPN is running fine.

Any suggestions?

I am getting pretty frustrated after days and past nightmares accessing pi and arduino devices in the past. I can access my own router .. Thanks


  • What is the output of connecting to the HTB VPN? Can you verify you are in fact connected to the VPN by running ifconfig tun0 or ip a show tun0 and what's the output? If you traceroute the IP, what's the output?

    You say your PC cannot access the IP either. If you are running a hypervisor, this would make sense due to the fact the openvpn would probably be running on the guest VM (Kali, Parrot, whatever), not the host system.

    I am always open to helping; however, please ensure you explain what you have tried first before asking for hints!
    Also, reps go a long way!

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  • Hmm, that sounds pretty awkward, though. I have never experienced anything similar. I do not think there is anything to do with the VPN or the codes running it. Only if you are not running it as a host system. However, I do not think it could be the real reason.

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