[Feature request] Hackthebox API

I request a feature for an API to use some functions in HTB, like shoutbox, machine info and reset, user info etc.
Mostly I work from CLI only, and it would be great to be able to have something running to handle HTB functions.

With such an API it could be possible that ppl can code something they like by themselves.

What does the community think about the idea?



  • I would love this option.
    Programmatic access to machines and user profiles would be wonderful.
    I was just thinking of something that I would love to make, but my only real option is to scrape the site, and I would really prefer not to do that.

  • Up up up ! Was searching for this API right now and still doesn't seem to exit ... :(

  • Would also love to see this implemented


  • This is actually here.
    Go around on the site and look under Network in the developer tools and you will find some endpoints, You also have your API key in your settings.
    This is not officially released so there is no documentation but we are allowed to use it
    check out https://github.com/QHpix/HackTheBox-python-api


  • looks they are planning for that in the next update I think.


    edited January 17

    I actually programmed a python script that monitors the shoutbox. If you intercept the traffic and look into the requests (for example via burp), you'll see some kind of api that is responsible for the shoutbox.

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