[Feature Request/Question] VIP Payment options

I'll try to keep it short. I've been VIP since about the 2nd month I found out about the HTB platform. I love HTB and pretty much every aspect of the platform as a learning tool. VIP is an awesome idea and I have no problem whatsoever paying the extremely affordable cost.

That being said, I prefer to pay for services I subscribe to on a month-by-month basis. Recently (for personal reasons) I've closed basically all of my bank accounts other than my business account I use for business expenses/purchases - so that's the only debit card I have. I am super anal so I use my business account ONLY for business reasons, and unfortunately my accountant doesn't see HTB as a business expense.. Sadly. :(

So I have a PayPal account that I use for all other purchases that would normally require a debit card. My VIP ran out last month, since when it tried to charge my old card it was declined obviously since the account no longer exists.. So I thought, well I'm sure HTB accepts PayPal, right? Well.. Kinda. As you know, the only way to pay with PayPal is if you purchase a year at a time. Having already explained my preference, the obvious problem is obvious.

Point of all this is this basically this question.

Are there any plans to start accepting PayPal (even the recurring charge option) for month-by-month payments? Also, if there is a legit reason - would someone care to elaborate on that for me? Thanks for everything!



  • Hello @likwidsec , I will start by explaining the reason for annual Paypal.

    The reason is that processing the payment in our accounting system from PayPal requires more effort than Stripe (Credit Cards) and involves more manual work.

    That said, having 200-300 monthly PayPal payments to process each month is something unfeasible for the time being at least. We are trying to automate the procedure more and will probably allow monthly PayPal payments in the near future.

    I understand your issue though and we can work on a solution, just message me anytime to find a viable option for now.


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    @ch4p, it's been a few days since I've been able to get to the computer. Things are pretty hectic here right now. I will get with you later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks. :)

    edit: Also, that reason makes total sense and was kind of what I had figured to myself after posting. All good.


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