OSCP - Advice on Boxes

I am new here. I have rooted just a few boxes so far. In the future I want to pass the OSCP exam.

Right now I am wondering if there is a post / article on some "thoughts process tree"...what to try and what to do next if it is not working so you have always some plan and you won't get stuck so often.

Thank you for any advice.



  • Oscp is acutally considered being the entry level of penetration testing. It's not the hardest exam ever but not the easiest either. There is a cheatcheet that you could use to practice: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dwSMIAPIam0PuRBkCiDI88pU3yzrqqHkDtBngUHNCw8/edit#gid=0. Here, you will find OSCP like machines, so if you can do them without any problem, you are most likely ready for oscp. But on the other hand, if you can't do them, then you should wait some time before taking the oscp.Hope that helps :)

  • In the pdf they link to a couple places and on their forums you'll find some advice for others.

    There are privesc check list and such.

    I always recommend people newer to the game to focus more on the PDF/Videos and student labs > public labs. If you do the other two first you will crush the labs way faster and with better understanding.

    Plus you can do the writeups as you do them and practice notes/writeup.

    OSCP isn't just the machines it's turning around and putting in a good report too.

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