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  • Spent a good 2 hours researching for techniques to bypass that one function...
    As it turned out, DuckDuckGo may be excellent to have some privacy, but the search results can be quite bad. With Google, I did 2 searches and the answer was in the Top 3.

    Also fell into a deep rabbit hole because I didn't fully understand how the first technique I researched works, and that it isn't applicable here. Some 2-3 hours lost in php -a...

    The vuln is obvious, how to package/structure/format/encode the payload is literally 10 minutes of Google. Really hard to give hints without spoiling everything.

  • I'm able to see the file name for the flag but stuck at opening the file, can anybody PM me a hint ?

  • can anyone DM me for a hint?

  • Type your comment> @octopus175 said:

    can anyone DM me for a hint?

    NVM just got flag, big thanks to @NoMad for the help!

  • Can anyone give me some hints I stuck at bypass that one function

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