SolidState - Help a newbie.

Hello everyone,

I am a developer, new to security, currently trying my hardest to own root @ SolidState.

Like Mirai, user own was relatively simple, but it feels like I'm missing a very important piece of information in order to own root.

Without spoiling too much (even tho the machine is gone in a couple days), what I've done so far is reverse shell with weak user privileges, I looked around the system a little bit and found a py file that could potentially help me, but I did not manage to edit it properly. Even if I succeed in editing it I'm still pretty certain it'll run with my weak permissions.

I know a lot of people here only have "Try harder" as an answer, TIA but it will not be helpful.


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    you are on the right way your py file. Edit it and wait 2 minutes.


  • this box made me thankful i'd learn basic vi commands :-)


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