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    This is fun, I knew nothing about Word files before looking at this.

    • I learnt a new tool exists, thanks Didier!
    • I see a long (46) 'Copy*****' string, but doesn't seem to be our flag,
    • I find some obfuscated code, but it doesn't look to do anything fun and reversing would take too long.
    • Theres the 'frozen towels' too of course, thats interesting 🤔

    I'm a bit stuck now though...

  • Got the flag!
    Learned a lot, thanks @0xdf
    Too much fun in this challenge!.
    It was not that easy tho ;D

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    Any hints you could offer me @CaJiFan ?

  • A surprisingly difficult challenge for 40 points. I thought I had an idea but nothing I do seems to extract a flag.


    Happy to help people but PLEASE explain your problem in as much detail as possible!


  • I've been banging my head against this obfuscation for hours.. Feel like I'm thinking about it too hard. Could anyone give a nudge on how to decode?

  • That was really fun! hint: you don't have to deobfuscate the whole m****. execute it in a VM and you'll see another process, with the debofuscated commands !

  • Wow i though this would be easy, judging by the green bars in the rating...

    I find those pretty interesting, well done to the author ! I was a bit puzzled by the little bit which is very specific to HTB and didn't really know how to interpret that, if you're wondering about that, you're close to the end !

    eCPPT | OSCP

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