[Python] aclpwn installation fails with neo4j lib error

Hey everyone,

I yesterday made a box where I needed aclpwn, unfortunately there's an error in the neo4j lib it tries to install via pip. It seems someone commited that neo4j library with an asterix in a function header like this

function(param1, *, param2, ...

Now I wonder what to do? In the past if I had errors in python libs I just edited them on my system. But in this case it just doesn't install, so I can't do that. I could probably try to retrace the version back to it's git and make a pull req but all of that would take lots of time I don't have.

Can someone check for me if aclpwn installs on your Kali / Parrot or tell me a way to get around this?

BTW Neo4j runs fine but I have that one from apt, so...


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    Upon further attempts with a vanilla VM it seems that aclpwn is just broken. I followed into the rabbit hole to fix as much as possible but it appears someone just ran 2to3 over the entire package to bring it to python3 but never fixed any issues. Hope someone can take a look and fix this thing or provide an alternative.

    I tried this at "forest" because the other intended route didn't work anymore. Some of the writeups just entirely skip the step of assining the DAcls and aquiring the hash, IppSec's and Rana's way via Powersploit and secretsdump.py didn't work anymore.
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