how to share virtual box VPN to Host OS ?

Hi Guys,

how to share virtual box VPN to host os?. I have connected HTB vpn in my virtual box (Only using the CLI), I want to share the VirtualBox VPN to Host OS (because have to browse the IP or any other GUI things).


  • What's the reason you're using a headless VM? Sytem Resources? I found Kali is not too demanding, I remember trying to run Ubuntu 18.04 or a KDE desktop on a weaker system running like a donkey.

    There's couple of GUI tools you gonna need to do the boxes, Burp & Firefox being the most prominent.

    Every linux CAN of course be configured as a router or gateway, but you'll need multiple NICs, real or virtual. I wonder if multiple NiCs takes less resources than a lightweight desktop like LXDE. You could add that gateway address to your Windows TCP / IP4 settings and see how to work that out, but it's not gonna be easy. Proxying may be another solution yet again not easy and causing lots of issues.

    You won't have much luck using multiple VPN connections to HTB either.

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  • The only real solution I can see is using VPN on the host or on your real router right away, if you have a device that can do. I think there an VM NiC adapter mode that lets you use the VPN from the host, I did that before with my NordVPN but can't remember the details how I did it.

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  • Okay, let me try that.

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