Arrow keys etc on target machine

Just started here and I would like to know:
Is it normal that some keys not working properly on target machine?
For example if I am in Lame machine and try to edit file with Vim, hjkl-keys don't work so it is almost impossible to edit anything.
Also nano was behaving funnily (for example ctrl-x do not work)
If I am trying to cat a file, ctrl-d is not working so I can't save and quit normally.
Also arrow keys are not working normally.
I have tried different terminals and different TERM settings.
I have tried 3 different linux machines: Kali on VM, normal Kali and Mint.

I am quite inexperienced with linux settings so before I start to reinstall and configure everything from beginning it would be helpful to know that there is way around this and people can use Vim normally in target machines?

No problems with keys normally, only when I am in exploited machine.

Thank you for your help in advance!


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