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Official discussion thread for nginxatsu. Please do not post any spoilers or big hints.


  • any hint??

  • sweet challenge!! I learned a lot. Its like a journey with Brain F*ck. Definitely worth atleast 75 points. Thanks @makelaris and @makelarisjr for the challenge.

  • Finally got it! After digging into a rabbit hole for a few days anyway haha. My hint: don't feel like you need to go super deep into the filesystem to figure this out.

    Out of practice OSCP

  • This was tough and so "TIME" consuming! Learned plenty of things from this one! Thanks @makelaris and @makelarisjr !

  • well, i feel like i'm stuck forever on this one here !!

  • hints plz

  • edited February 17

    If anyone is willing to lend me a hint please do so in my DM been stuck for ages lol

  • I am stuck on the second phase.
    I managed to perform the edit of a certain sweet thing.
    I think i should perform a s*** on the only unprotected thing now.
    I know how to generally blind it, but I can't bypass those back-ticks.
    I bet I am on the right path, but I can't bypass that wrap().
    Someone can help/send me hints, please?

    If you appreciate my help, please give me +1 respect :)

  • I'm stucked second part, i found some blogs and cve but not work, nudges accepted.


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