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  • hurhur
    edited September 2020

    Any nudges for this one? I have figured out a method to write to memory addresses in the stack but can't really figure out where/how to get to the flag.

    Hack The Box

  • anyone know if its possible to write less than2 bytes / 4 digit?
    %hn seems to be the smallest

  • edited September 2020

    I could use a nudge too. I‘ve an idea but fail on writing anything

  • Hi guys. I think i miss something in this challenge. I leak anything in binary and can write anything anywhere, but i can't found a solution to manipulate/stop the infinite loop.

    ROP failed due to infinite loop.
    GOT Rewrite failed too due to Full-Relro.

    I have leak the PIE, the canary and the libc base address.
    This binary seem to be easy ....

    Can someone help me ?

    Thanks in advance

  • Feel free to dm me for any doubts.

  • Done and Dusted! Thx @ollypwn for fun challenge.

  • If anyone is interested in exchanging and discussing solutions, please feel free to PM me.

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