[Resolved] Starting Point SHIELD: Unable to load Metasploit wp_admin_shell_upload

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Hi guys,
I've been trying for a while now to get wp_admin_shell_upload working. Each time I'm running "use exploit/unix/webapp/admin/wp_admin_shell_upload" I get the "No payload configured, defaulting to php/meterpreter/reverse_tcp" message.

I tried uninstalling/reinstalling Metasploit-framework, tried to run wp_admin_shell_upload as a new module, but nothing is working...

Anyone managed to get passed it ?

Thanks :) !


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    Have you tried running the module itself after setting the parameters? (RHOST, USERNAME, PASSWORD, TARGETURI, LHOST?)

    The "No payload configured, defaulting to php/meterpreter/reverse_tcp" occurs because you have the option to use your own/different payload with the module. The module (exploit/unix/webapp/admin/wp_admin_shell_upload) is an exploit that allows you to upload a reverse shell payload into Wordpress as a plugin. Thats what the module itself exploits and you have the choice of what payload it uses. If you do not provide a payload for it to use, it will default to the php/meterpreter/reverse_tcp payload (Which is okay to do).

    Set RHOSTS to the IP of the attack target, USERNAME/PASSWORD you should know, TARGETURI to /wordpress and don't forget to set LHOST to your local IP (tun0 in "ip a" command)

    Then run the module and your netcat listener should catch the reverse shell.

  • Please note that I may have not written the parameters exactly, (I think RHOSTS has the S at the end bu LHOST does not). If the exploit is not working, make sure to double check the spelling of the parameters with what is typed in the walk-through for the machine.

  • Oooooh ! That worked with the LHOST configured !
    I was so focused on the "no payload" message a did not think of trying this. Thank you !

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