Why you become hacker?

open talk with @PUGAZHVEL



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    open talk with @PUGAZHVEL

    Recreation of Society

  • i watched mr.robot

    Hack The Box

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    i watched mr.robot

    LMAOOO This hits home.


  • I met a guy in an online multiplayer snooker game. He showed me his arsenal of lot of premium cues. I asked him "Why you'd wasted your money on buying these". He replied that he cheated the game. It was an IDOR vuln, it's all started there.
  • Because, its feel soo good..

  • I watched "knight rider industries three thousand" when i was a kid

  • I am a software developer and I like to play zachlikes. Hacking is a huge complex game and I learn actual practical skills - win win.

  • I worked as system admin. One day, there's an APT attack to my system, I tried to forensic, learn to RE their malicious code as much as I can...So that's how everything begin lol

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  • Does it count if you aren't a hacker? (or at least in the current, common-use of the term)


    Happy to help people but PLEASE explain your problem in as much detail as possible!

    Also: https://www.nohello.com/

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