Thanks to everybody for helping me on my path to elite rank!

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It's one of those days on HTB... I really need a few nudges or directions. But it seems I'm invisible or nobody's here. Hard to believe.

Had these days couple of times here, wondering what's going on.

If you feel like helping a buddy to push his cart over the hilltop, PM me.


Hack The Box

BYONC (Don't steal, my T-Shirt)


  • Girls & guys, you were amazing. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me push to this point, from my very first machine up to my last challenge.

    It was insanely tough for me and I made my rank literally in the last minute, before box rotation would have set me back again - for personal reasons I would not have been able to push further, for another 2 weeks or more, but would have been forced to give up on ranking forever, at 98%. I would not have been able to deal with that kind of frustration, nor with the physical demand a second time, so just "come back in a month or two and try again" was no option for me. I don't want to go deaper into what my personal handicap and life constraints are about, just know they exist.

    If you're new I want to share some lessons learned and general tips:

    • Don't underestimate Elite Hacker rank or ranking in general. As usual on HTB there's some gotchas, I didn't see coming. Elite is way harder than Pro cause the rotation puts you under enormous pressure, you constantly chase a moving target and if you aren't fast enough on hacking a box it's becomes like fighting quicksand. I would recommend to go for Elite only if you have several months of time without interuption, have all your skills mastered so you don't need to look up most things and you're able to solve the average medium to hard boxes with no or just minor help within a few days.
    • Don't forget the challenges: If you play your strategy right, they can make things much easier for you, if you neglect them like I did, they can become an unbearable obstacle. Do them first, or constantly along the way, cause they don't rotate like boxes.
      I had to make about 30 challenges in 4 days when I already was at a point where I had absolutely nothing left.

    • Don't listen to the people who constantly brag how eezzzyy this and that is. Maybe it is for them, but I would say it's untrue for the majority of people. Most of this stuff here is really really tough.

    • If I can make it, you can make it. There's many helpful people around, never be afraid to ask or to admit you don't understand something.
    • Stay away from writeups and walkthroughs. You need to learn how to deal with the unknown or you cannot succeed, neither here nor anywhere else. Ask instead and refine your skills with a writeup once you made it.

    That's it for me, I'll be gone, for a while at least, and if I have the time to come back it will be for the labs next. Whish you all good luck on your path and thanks so much again for your help!

    Hack The Box

    BYONC (Don't steal, my T-Shirt)

  • Nice post!!!! Appreciated!

  • Wonderful 😊 . Congratulations for Elite Rank.
    I'm having the same mindset of avoiding Challenges, I don't know why. But will do it along the way.
  • Nice work mate - well deserved :)

    Always happy to help others and remember to +respect me if I helped you ; )

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