JuicyPotato @ Shield "COM -> recv failed with error: 10038"

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I get "COM -> recv failed with error: 10038" when using JuicyPotato on the Shield machine in the HTB Starting Point, and I don't know why. Looking at the JuicyPotato.cpp source code, it's in startCOMListener.

I got the WordPress admin password, modified a PHP file to upload Netcat and JuicyPotato. With Netcat I had a revershe shell. I am in the DOS shell as user "nt authority\iusr".

I tried this command with all kinds of variations:
JuicyPotato.exe -l 1337 -p C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe -t *

I tried with the shell.bat to PowerShell with another Netcat listening. I tried the nine BITS CLSID for Windows Server 2016 Standard. I tried different port numbers. I tried renaming JuicyPotato.exe to js.exe for Windows Defender.

Do you know why "recv failed" ???

Here is a screenshot: https://ibb.co/0CYGRny

Thanks !!!


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