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  • Neeeeeed help!
    I got phpinfo.
    I got invalid image by read file.
    I can change username.
    what should I do now? I have no idea

  • edited January 12

    Is anyone able to give me a little bit of help with this challenge? I have been working on this for a while (and loving it!) and believe I have all of the pieces required (which are many!) and can prove them on my local Docker instance, but there are a couple of things I simply can't find a way past. I'm either over-complicating it, or just missing something obvious. I've put so much time into this, and learnt so much, but I really want to finish it off. I'm happy to explain everything I've done, if someone is able to spare a few moments to help me. Anyone willing to DM?

    Update - now finally solved after a couple of hints from a kind soul. Huge respect to @makelaris for such a fantastic challenge. Learnt a lot from this one.

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