Walkthroughs of various HTB retired machines

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Hey guys!
I've compiled my walkthroughs of retired HTB machines and also some related CheatSheets on my blog:

The blog is quite new. So any feedback would be appreciated.
Hope you enjoy it :)

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  • This is a great way for new users to learn penetration testing without giving out spoilers of active machines. Great job.!

  • went through your blog, and i would say it really help new users in learning penetration testing


  • Thanks!
    More write-ups coming soon. Some of them will be from Vulnhub

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  • very GJ!
    well written:)
  • I was just about to ask about these. I plan on working on some of the retired ones on Twitch.

  • Hello, I am new here and I love this website. Thanks for all.

    My purpose is to prepare my OSCP certification. After reading some articles, I suscribed here to pentest some windows machines.

    I start by Chatterbox which was a little easy and now I am doing Jeeves machine I already owend the user account. But I want to see somme others solutions others ways to do, to learn more efficient technics.

    Can anyone do some walktrhough for windows machines please?

    Thank you

  • Nice looking Blog!
    Better than mine :)

  • Nice blog. Got it bookmarked :)
  • I've bookmarked and Thanks. That's really Nice blog, bro .

  • its gonna help me a lot ,thanks

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