A New PWN Challenge!

Nothing is an Accident, It's Just a part of Destiny


  • This is a nice challenge, somewhat similar to ropmev2 it replaced.


  • can i pm someone for a nudge?


    Valiant, nothing is impossible.
    Lock by lock and one after the other is the key. You cannot open door number 9 until you have unlocked number 8.

  • Simple, but interesting...

  • SImple challenge :smile:

  • Hi, I'm stuck and need a little push in the right direction.

    I can redirect the IP to point on the stack but there's not that much 'space'... Any hint would be great.

  • You can send me a PM r4gus! I just completed this challenge and I would't consider my solution as simple, so maybe there is an easier way... but I'm quite new to this, so maybe my judgment of what is easy or not is a bit off... Really enjoyed it though!

  • It's actually not hard tbh

  • @ano12 Can I send you my solution a PM, to check whether mine solution is the intended way?

  • does anybody try to get root after getting in?

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