need help

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Hi, Im new in pentesting i've try to create shell.ps1 but i got this error

ERR: '$client' is not recognized as an internal or external command,

can anyone help me???



  • It is super difficult to assist with this. Largely it depends what shell.ps1 is - you'd need to read through the code and establish what $client is doing.

    Without knowing what the code is, there isn't a realistic way anyone can say what the specific problem is.

    Basically the message is saying the PowerShell script is trying to run something called $client but it doesn't know what it is.

    Note: I am not going to be available much in September.



    Happy to help people but PLEASE explain your problem in as much detail as possible! If you say vague things like "It's not working", I cant help. This isn't Twitter so my DMs are always open.

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