Unable to run Impacket

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Hey guys,

I'm trying to run the MS SQL client from Impacket but I'm getting the error => "line 24 in module from impacket.examples import logger; ImportError: cannot import name logger"

Impacket is installed in the system by cloning the repo and running "pip install ." I'm running Kali x64 on Mac through VirtualBox.



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    Usually the algorithm to solve such problems is:
    1. Google ImportError: cannot import name blabla
    2. You'll find a post, usually on stackoverflow, that says smth like "Try run pip install pyblabla-smth" or apt install libblabla-dev
    3. Run pip install pyblabla-smth or apt install libblabla-dev (sometimes (!) it is worth trying devel instead of dev or try to remove lib or try apt install libblabla*)
    4. Run impacket again. Go to the p.1 if there are errors left.
    5. SUCCESS!

    Or, sometimes, libraries have file requirements.txt in repo, so you might need to run pip install -r requirements.txt before

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    Thanks, I already went through everything that you mentioned but still working on a solution. The missing dependency should be a part of what I installed.

  • You can try also to remove utils packet. See https://github.com/diegoalejogm/gans/issues/2

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