HTB x ParrotOS

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Hack The Box officially supports the Parrot OS Project! 🦜

The main goal of the project is to provide a familiar environment to cyber security professionals, developers and people who care about their privacy, by making good habits and best practices easy to follow and eventually hard to break.

Our goal is help the team to focus on what they do best, further developing and adding more functionality and features to the OS.
Furthermore, we will start incorporating the OS to the HTB platform so our users can experience it and provide more feedback towards the success of the project.

Hope you are excited as much as we are and we are waiting for your input!
For all details about this collaboration go here:


  • awesome


  • I just installed Parrotsec today :3

  • Parrot is indeed awesome os


  • To those who are using it, may i ask what's worth the switch from Kali ?

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  • Yes. Is it better than kali?


  • Type your comment> @lebutter said:

    To those who are using it, may i ask what's worth the switch from Kali ?

    I've found it to be more stable personally. I'm still hoping that the Parrot devs pursue basing off Devuan in the next version as well.


  • Fun new way to use an OS

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  • I've been seeding the ISO for a while... honestly if you want to beat kali just keep a bunch of helpful .ps1's organized by purpose somewhere easy to navigate to... and ship stuff like impacket and evil-winrm with it


  • What are the PRONS/CONS of using parrot besides the hype of it? How does it relate to Kali? Same number of tools? Same distro?

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  • Parrot supposedly runs lighter than Kali by default and so is better for people with potato computers. I haven't tested this myself, however. Personally, I like Parrot's UI better. I find it to be more aesthetic.


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  • I switched from Kali to Parrot because it's not just for pentesting but also for daily usage
    Happy to see the project got support from hacktebox


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