Offshore - flags order?

Hi, just a quick question:
Are the lab flags supposed to be by the order you should complete the machines? I'm afraid to "go out of the intended path" and miss some AD techniques. I'm submitting flags and some are in the middle of the checklist way ahead of the unsubmitted ones..

I've been stuck for days trying to progress via AD attacks and then I went to have a proper look at some machine that I had creds for and got a flag that is in the middle of the table (and I'm only 23% into the flag submission).



  • There are some flags in obvious places (i.e. User desktop folders) but some are a little more out of the way, or represent side challenges. If you look back and see you're missing some, think about something you saw but never used, or enumerate services a little more.


    • GCIH
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