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I have read the other discussions I could find on this, but no solution.
I have visited the url:port of several web challenges now, both connected to the htb vpn, and not. Connecting to boxes works fine always, but I just get 'Unable to connect' errors in the browser for these challenges..

Am I doing something wrong?


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    Well.. I feel stupid now, I just tried again and it's suddenly working. I guess I just wasn't waiting long enough for them to spin up...

  • Hey man, the reason it at first doesn't work is because when you start an docker web instance, it will take some time for it to actually fully start up. When you start up a web challenge, just wait around 30 seconds to a minute, it's actually kinda like the VIP start box instance, but a lot faster.


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    @PromeDNS Thanks for the info. I'll be more patient in future!

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