• Rooted using U***** method. Not sure about intended method. PM for help.

  • edited September 2020

    Awesome box. Multiple paths to system. I spent some time doing the entire thing with powershell-empire for fun. Ended up writing my first ever formal writeup because of it. Free to pm for nudges, or if ya wanna go down the empire path like i did.

  • rOoTeD. Getting credentials was satisfactory for a newbie like me. The exploit itself required some tuning because I couldn't understand why it worked/wasn't working.
    Root was actually pretty easy because my friends shared a tool on discord that ended up being what I needed. I just had to enumerate a bit and use it.
    PM for nud(g)es ;)

  • Has anyone had trouble submitting the flags for this box? I've rooted but both my user and root flags are not working when trying to submit them.

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