• Just managed root. Have to say, not really a fan of foothold, but hey, it's a different concept from what I'm used to and this isn't real life anyway, so it's whatever. Getting both user and root were interesting tricks to add to my arsenal; I was a little scared when going for root because I thought I was gonna screw up the box for everyone else, but I realized that's not really possible. PM me with questions. Happy to help!

  • rooted !!
    it was a wonderful machine

    i was stuck in root part but i figured it out at last.

    root: after writing on the changing file ... just try to enter from another port. time is the key.

    Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave

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    I got the backdoor, but don't know where to search for user

  • User and Root!
    God this was hard for me personally, because I just started with trying to do ctf's so I can have some kind of skill in life.


    USER: Google is your friend and you can always make locks and keys.

    ROOT: Google is your friend and timing is very important.

  • User + Root
    All hints & info PLUS extra to gain user and root are included in this thread. Take the time to research, I will not provide as it would just be regurgitating, take the time to invest in reading this thread and performing the necessary search engine to gain accesses. If you don't know something - research. record all hints provided and build a playbook, you will combine and learn all angles. Enjoy as I did!

    Thanks Xh4H!

  • Hi everyone. I got root on this box but unable to submit the flag. . it says flag is incorrect. i tried resetting the box. but its still the same.
    i am unable to submit both user and root flags.

  • Finally Rooted... thanks a lot @segsalvaje and @TazWake

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    Awesome box
  • Super good intro box for new users, covers a lot of techniques. Getting root flag was interesting, I got it without elevating to root user. PM for tips

  • Late to the party but rooted!

  • rooted me for nudges

  • Finally! Had a headache on the root part since I'm pretty new to this kind of stuff...

    Seeing everybody claiming it was an easy box makes me wondering something about the root part: Is it a well-known vulnerability on that particular process? Or is it that easy because of a classic walkthrough?

    Cheers to @Xh4H for the work and @TazWake for the hints. I feel like learning thousands of new tricks and stuff per day and it feels sooo good

  • Rooted. question : did somebody succeed to have a reverse shell under root? nxxxxx was missing a intesresting option that is often used. the hash could also be received by feeding interesting files to the cat..

  • Rooted!!!
    ping me for any hints and tips


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