Points increase, but then decrease during the night

Hi, got a question about the points system. These last few days I've rooted a machine, and have gotten several points. But the next morning the points have been reduced to somewhere between what I had before I rooted the box and after.

An no, it is not because a machine has been retired. It's happened each day these last days.

For example, earlier tonight I rooted a box and jumped from 17 to 33 points. Now, after midnight I suddenly have 24 points. Similar story happened the night before.

How come?


  • Anyone know?

  • No but I've seen this happen every time you add points. I dont know if there is some weird calculation which takes place somewhere.

    However you can test it a bit. If you look at your score in the ranking, thats your points as at the last proper update (midnight CET I think)

    Then work out what you've done since then and thats your real score.

    For example, if you are on 500 points and drop user and root on (say) Traceback, your score in the top right might jump by 100s but you know at midnight your score will become 530.

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