Hacking with iPhone

iOS has an app called Pythonista 3 which is a Python 2.7 & 3.5 IDE (which is NOT one of those knock-off online IDEs)! So far, every server I have hacked in HTB has been done on my iPhone 5S (pretty ridiculous lol) and as of day 10 I have hacked 8 systems and 7 users! Exploits such as Shellshock, Eternal Blue, and other remote python exploits that do not require root privileges to run, can be executed from this app! Modules and programs can also be imported into the app (like impacket or dirsearch)!
In accommodation to Pythonista 3 I use vSSH & Network Toolbox (NTB is great for server inspection and testing on iOS)! OpenVPN also has an iOS app so you can connect to HTB's network!

Pythonista 3 Website: https://omz-software.com/pythonista/
Tools I made for Pythonista 3: https://github.com/RussianOtter/
Network Toolbox Website: https://networktoolbox.de/

"Do you plan on trying to hack everything on your phone?"
- I don't plan on hacking with iOS forever; some programs are not replaceable and would require me to use a computer
"Is Pythonista 3 available on Android?"
- Pythonista 3 is not on Android (because Pythonista uses iOS's ObjC to run)
- I can hack on the go / when I am not at home (really convenient)



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