Hackthebox omniscient member Mister_Bert0ni buy OSCE exam leak

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This guy try to buy OSCE exam leak on Telegram to a seller


I hope this community doesnt support offsec cheater

EDIT, he wasnt scam, seller refund him but same issue on HTB, we have a group (eg Mystiko or Mystiko whatever typo) who share solution s about live machines on their discord, and now we've got guys who buy OSCP/OSCE leak exam but they will say that's for a friend... LOL BAN those guys!!!


  • Nice hacthebox is a community where vert cheater are welcome... Infosec community is awesome !!!

  • This guy Bert0ni bought exam answer for Offensive security certification and no problem lol... awesome community!!!! no ban, so hackthebox.eu staff are agree with cheating... hummm will start to leak write up for live machine if no problem with cheating!!!

  • @r3l1k HtB and OSCP aren't the same... or I am wrong?
    If you have proof, just report it to them, not here.

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