HTB - OSCP Team - Collaboration and Learning

Good Day Everybody,

I would like to create or be part of a team that collaborates and works together to complete the boxes. The idea is to share knowledge, methods, books, articles and information that help us to improve in this field.

A typical approach would be attempting to exploit one box a time, and trying to figure out alternate methods (recon, exploits, priv esc, enum etc...)
As a team, we would develop our own tools and do extensive research as to understand why and how something work or didn't work etc...

The ideal team member would be:
1) At least Hacker level to be able to be part of the team...
2) Don't quit easily
3) Ability to think outside the box
4) contributes to the team
5) works hard and loves solving difficult security challenges
6) knows how to do research (google...etc...)

That's the idea for now.

Hack The Box



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